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Build Your Own Custom Furniture

When browsing specific brands on our website you will have the option of customizing such items as sofas, chairs, loveseats, sectionals and so much more.

When your furniture customization is done you can then head over to our room planner, where you can Email your plan to family, friends or a decorator. Works in conjunction with your Wishlist.

View the steps below or get started now by choosing a listed type or brand.

Once You’re Finished

Once you’ve finished customizing your furniture you have the options to Zoom In, Print, E-mail, Add to Favorites or add your item to the Room Planner.

  • Zoom In: Get a larger view of your sofa and see every detail.
  • Print: Print the image of your sofa and bring it in to our store on your next visit.
  • E-mail: Email the photo of your newly created custom sofa to friends or your family for their opinion.
  • Favorites: Add your custom designs to your favorites for retrieval at a later date.
  • Add to Room Planner: Add your sofa to the room planner to get an idea of where it will go and if it will fit.

Adding your furniture to Room Planner

Create accurate room layouts, rooms of any size and shape can quickly and easily be designed and doors, windows, and other structural elements can be defined.

  • Save your room plans for later reference or print it and bring it to the showroom with you.
  • Email your plan to family, friends or a decorator.
  • Works in conjunction with your favorites.

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